Tuesday, 8 May 2007


The Father Chapter of Delta Sigma Xi, the place where its started all.

Philippines Embassy in London (during registration contract of internacional Fraternitas) Delta Sigma Xi legitimate to recruit.

Delta Sigma Xi (UK)

Officer's and members in the Pub. After community Service.


Delta Sigma Xi (UK) was established in 2003 of February. It was Founded by a Filipino/British Citizen. Who was a member in the Philippines, Ilocos Norte Chapter. He was the first Filipino who contributed and gain respect in London university. but he eventually drop out in the university in a personal reason. A closed friend of him continued the legacy of Delta Sigma Xi. Until now Delta Sigma Xi continued growing. (Official website of Delta Sigma Xi is under construction, will give you further noticed if its completed).

Contains Pictures of Delta Sigma Xi International chapters. Includes United Kingdom, United Stated,Saudi Arabia, Manila and Ilocos Norte chapters.
Delta Sigma Xi Confraternity is originated from the Philippines. At the university of M.L.Q (Manuel L. Quezon) university. It aims to respect the brotherhood and sisterhood nor member. It composed of educated and good moral character people. Who have the experienced the real true brotherhood. In the year 1971 the year of Marcos. A year killing people and smuggling money. In that day a group of students form their illegal organization fight back the administration of late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. They started to column in the news paper to fight back administration in the Philippines. But then military closed all newspaper factory so no one can write to fight back against the administration of the late President. This was then the Delta Sigma Xi was born. The name of ''Delta'' a strong name that never will be defeated.